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UF “ most selective” at #30?!! I say u can’t read, or your missing some things.. off the top my head I can think of 50 colleges more selective than 30%!!!!! If I took the time I’d come up with ONE HUNDRED more selective colleges and universities! 4yr graduation rates are almost always much higher at small to mid private Unis.
No (generally) public schools offer need based aid to OOS students, so the fight for your kids part of the 12 scholarships, plus the high OOS costs, when compared to generous aid and equal in state and OOS costs at privates make is understandable that a top player might go lower level lax private.
UF/ PSU lover you’re also leaving out the mental health aspect of big colleges…
There definitely a place for big public universities, and neither school is bad, and both lax programs are really good, but how the big schools prepare girls for life, get them into something they’re passionate about, helping them find their passion, and striving for balance academically and athletically is what really matters.. unless pro wlax really takes on!!
Youranus spins on its side

This is too funny. Totally opinion based. But since you feel you are an authority please go into further detail about "the mental health aspect of big colleges". This I got to hear!!