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Another 24 parent here.. What recruiting platform(s) should my daughter focus on. Other parents on our team have mixed opinions, just wanted to get the take from those here. FYI, She is on one of the better teams (not "top tier"). There seems to be new ones that pop up, but If someone can mention the few that coaches really seem to use as their hammerhead that would help us a great deal. Thank you all.

Talk to your clubs Recruiting Director. It’s most important to use her preferred platform since she’ll be the person talking to clubs on your behalf before September

Plenty of good options none really better than another. Sports recruits most popular.

Some clubs don't have a recruiting director...what do we do in that case?

If your daughter was any younger, I'd say find a new club. If not, try to find someone who can give an honest, informed assessment of your daughter's recruitability. This is a combination of skills, Lax IQ, size, speed and desire for financial help.

Then target 20 or so schools. Starting writing to their coaches and plan to attend some of their camps in December and this summer.

To be totally honest, it is more difficult if you don't have anyone advocating on your behalf before contact day, but it can still be done. One key difference for your daughter though is that her offers will likely be more linked to camp or showcase performance than her performance on her club team. Meaning -- you will need to spend a lot more time and $$ driving to camps;