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To the parents who have the top recruits, if this is your first….. be prepared for the jealousy and bitterness when your daughter commits quickly to a great school/program. The delusional will not be happy…. Sorry to say, I have witnessed it all before.

Good luck 🍀 to all.

I can’t wait to be happy for her teammates/players in local clubs. These kids have spent a lot of time and commitments to sport. It’s nice to see the hard work payoff. The schools aren’t clowns- they pick the right kids at the right time.
It you are confident of her abilities she will land where she needs to be.

Now having said that, there is a local girl who is such a Big10 fan girl that I will detest to see what happens to
Her. She is on a great team(top 10 in country) but isn’t a starter and when in doesn’t see much action. She’s an attacker, so she shares with 4 others.

Have you been drinking? Seriously, the post incoherent gibberish.