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It is myopic, only if you are self-centered and untrustworthy. Perhaps you don't understand because you live your entire life in this manner. Is this comprehensible to you now, or should I explain it otherwise?

Fool. Get over yourself and your self righteous nonsense.

Watching Notre Dame Vs Florida State football, ND Quarter Back originally verbally committed to Notre Dame to play lacrosse , he then switched to go play football at Wisconsin, he lost his starting Job when he was injured, he transferred to Notre Dame and is The ND Starting QB.

Yes, he definitely should have honored his original commitment. Give me a break.

This is not at all an example of what anyone here is talking about. First, he's a grad transfer - spent four years on roster at WI so how did he not honor his commitment? I don't know his intentions when he committed to UND for lax, but hard to hold it against someone for choosing a different sport with a full ride scholarship.

Don't make a commitment you don't intend to keep, or you hope not to keep. It's really that simple. There are valid reasons players decommit or transfer. Not a problem, sometimes happens, but players shouldn't commit to a program unless they have the best intentions to play there. Don't encourage your kids to commit when you plan to keep shopping around for something better. Besides, top programs are indeed recruiting top 2023s as of 9/1 and if your daughter is not hearing from those programs real soon, it most likely means you're not being realistic and using covid as an excuse.

Thanks for your input, everyone should be sure to contact you or one of the other chest pounding blow hards who believe themselves to be the arbiters of commitment, just to make sure that their reason is acceptable to you.

The original post was simple and definitive, it stated "you should honor your commitment.". Some of you then jumped on anyone who suggested that such a command was myopic as it implied that once a player verbally commits as 16 or 17 year old girl they must honor that commitment or they somehow lack conviction, character or honor. Your self righteous, moral high ground view of the recruiting / committing process is laughable. On the one hand you put your foot down and imply that it is selfish to change your commitment but then justify reasons that you believe changing your commitment to be acceptable.

Just go away and worry about your own daughter, nobody needs your parenting advice.

To each her own, every situation is different, there will be times when some players want to change their commitment, it is a personal choice and it is the choice of the player and her parents. It is not for you to judge or decide which reasons are acceptable.

By the way, the post regarding the ND Quarter Back illustrates exactly why the "you should honor your commitment" crowd is shortsighted and foolish. Circumstances, situations and opportunities change all the time, it is foolish to not not do what is best for the individual.

Not one post indicated that a player should make a commitment while not intending to honor that commitment. All that was pointed out was that the blanked statement "you should honor your commitment" was myopic. Which it is.