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Sorry fake news expert this is not fake news..the real fake news is on your oan so called network go back and read something.. not just USNWR… maybe test scores are ( but nothing more than) slightly higher for UF, maybe not, but how about student: faculty ratio? Are you at all familiar with the concept of “yield”? Here let me keep you: yield is the percent admitted students who accept the offer to attend.. it’s much MUCH higher for lehigh Davison vs PSU UF. Read about it on non-fake news. How about percent who ACTUALLY GRADUATE WITHIN 4 years? It’s college right, not pro lacrosse farm league right? What do grads go on to earn in general post graduation? More on reality- only a fraction of lax players are cut out for the top of the top schools.. I know this because my kid is busting hers at a school full of valedictorians and salutatorians busting their humps in stem classes just to pass.
50% acceptance ratio with a 30% or less yield is not outstanding academics-there are literally OVER A THOUSAND us universities with these kinda admission stats.
Finally can you look up “perineal”? Lol

I do so enjoy a good libtard rage. Grammar and punctuation go right out the window! Along with common sense and human decency.