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Classes are now starting to get numbers in the top schools - almost a month in. And, most of the top schools are saying they will have a small 2023 class. But nothing yet from Northwestern, Stanford, Hopkins.

BC: 3-4
UNC: 5
UVA: 6
Syracuse: 4-5
Princeton: 6
Penn: 5
Florida: 5
Duke: 4-5
Maryland: 3
Rutgers: 2
Notre Dame: 1-2
Northwestern; 0
Hopkins: 0
Stanford: 0

Keep in mind that Northwestern and Stanford start later and just started having girls on campus last week. Will probably see a few commits there this week and next

You are correct! Northwestern had their first commit announced today. From Mass Elite.

Stanford has a couple too

Their top tier recruits were there last weekend.

As stated by previous posters, it makes perfect sense that Stanford and NU just started hosting recruits. They only recently started classes - like last week - and more lead time is needed for making travel arrangements for their recruits. Some players know they want to stay on the east coast. Some want a public university college town experience. Some don't have the required academic standing. Some already know their top choice based on attending camps and don't wait around for other offers. Those players commit earlier because they can visit their top school(s) sooner, but I have no doubt there are top players taking their time because Stanford and/or NU are top choices for them. Recruiting is not a race, and how early a player commits in September is not necessarily an indication of how sought after a player was. I expect most top recruits will be off the board in a few weeks, but it's still too early to assume all the top players are done.