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I watched Rutgers beat Maryland in NJ this year and they barely beat Rutgers in College Park. How many times has that happened in the history of the winning program in history? Their roster has been all Maryland girls in the past and it has served them great. I'm looking forward. Keep living in the past if your a proud turtle. How strong is the Maryland brand outside of Maryland?? I'm sure Cathy Reese knows it and is doing something about it, but she is playing catch up.

Maryland brought in 8 freshman this year 2 from NY, 2 from NJ and 4 from MD.

The Terps also brought in 5 Transfers (Penn, Princeton, Hopkins, North Carolina, Albany) 2 from NY, 1 from PA, 1 from Canada I believe and 1 from MD.

8 of the 13 new faces are not from MD…

Last year Maryland brought in 7 freshman…
2 from NY, 1 from PA, 1 from NJ and 3 from MD….

Over the past two years 13 of 20 recruits were not from MD…

The numbers do not support arguments..,