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—- “Exactly! Look at Charlotte North, unknown from Texas who left Duke because they stink and don't know how to coach, and explodes under the right guidance. Izzy Scane was recruited as a defenseman from the midwest that nobody ever heard of, and look at her!” —-


Oh brother, the above post is complete nonsense, why would you post such BS?

Charlotte North was the # 20 recruit, an Under Armour Senior All American and was face guarded in her very first college game (as a freshman).

Izzy Scane was the #16 recruit, an Under Armour Senior All American and a US U19 Team Member. Also, Izzy was never a Defender.

To say Duke stinks is just silly, Duke is one of the 20 best programs, if they stink what does that say about the other programs?

Both of the players were obviously well know by the people that know.

Obviously the Duke & Northwestern Coaching staff’s knew who she was.

Pretty sure BC. Coach knew who she was.

I would recommend no posting for you.

Duke gets smoked by other ACC teams, will be no different this year, they are definitely NOT the boys!

Off the top of my head I seem to remember Duke losing to BC by 1, ND by 1 and Unc by 1 last year and I think they beat UVA, VaTech and Louisville…

I hope your not the same dope who never heard of Scane or North…