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Will InsideLacrosse be ranking 23’s this year?
Will there be any watchlists coming out? Can’t believe my girl is a junior and there haven’t been any kind of rankings or watchlist for her class (Covid, I know)
I hope coaches look beyond UAAA and AS for girls to put on the lists.

Traditionally Inside Lacrosse has put out their Junior & Senior “Young Guns” rankings in September. They originally ranked 30 players they then increased it to 40 players and eventually 50 players . Last year , I assume due to COVID they changed it up a bit. The dropped the “Young Guns” name and I believe they ranked the Top 20 or 30 (can’t remember).

Who knows what they will do this year.

Coaches put players on their list who they believe can help their program. It has nothing to do with UA or AS.

Inside Lacrosse will put the rankings out after the top girls commit. They’ll rank them based off which top schools they commit to they actually haven’t watched them play. Why you shouldn’t care about it to much. Most will be great players so will the most next 50 players that didn’t make list.

Inside Lacrosse absolute watches the girls play and their rankings are base upon what they watch all summer long. They watch the most competitive club teams/tournaments as well as UA underclass (maybe this year AS as well).

You sound like one of those people who try to diminish every list or team that comes out.

IL rankings have proven to be pretty good for years. I don’t put a lot of stock in the exact rank but the players that get ranked in the top 30 - 40 usually go on to play at the top programs and have good college careers.