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What schools made offers on certain timelines is huge.
Look at the process the Ivies approached the 23’s.
A few Ivies picked girls quick, but then they got quiet and girls you would assume to be waiting for the Ivies went Duke or Carolina instead.
I think that the Ivies are taking their time, and the spots at Duke and Carolina were now or never.

Can we talk about who is behind the recruiting at CT Grz and if they freelance? Because they are putting a lot of other big clubs to shame! I thought a few clubs would have bigger name commitments by now.

The Ivy's did not delay, they actually came out of the gait pretty quick (sometimes Ivy's have to go out and find a player or two with crazy ACT/SAT scores and 100 average in order to help their Index). Most Ivy's are full or very close to it. As to who is behind the recruiting at CT Grizzlies it is the players. College Coaches especially at the best programs make offers to the players that they believe to be the best. It has very little to do with what club a kid plays for.[/quote]

The Ivy's are in action early and not delaying or quiet at all. They will all have small classes due to girls who took time away and are back to play. Princeton had 19 girls delay. With these small classes. Columbia may get some good commits!
Penn - 7 and saying they are full.
Yale - 7
Dartmouth - 6
Princeton - 6
Brown - 5
Harvard - 5
Cornell - 4
Columbia - 3[/quote]

Princeton only actually brought in 5 of their 2021 commits with others in this class being 2020s that delayed. So it will be interesting to see what happens with the 2022s and 2023s and how many end up deferring a year (makes me wonder how many already know they may need to defer)