-- "September 1st is almost here and I assure you that many parents will be getting a big wake up call that little Suzy isn’t as good as her parents think she is. Especially with so many 5th year transfers in the portal that have been picked up. I think the 23’s are in for a rude awakening!!" --


I agree with the above post. Not because I am a hater or because I want people to be disappointed, simply because I have seen it all before. There are parents who complain about every tryout, every "list", every All-Star team etc... These are the parents that blame everything under the sun when other players are recognized ahead other daughter. These same parents will now complain about the recruiting process, they will blame politics, their club director, their HS coach and everything else as to why their daughter is not committing right away to a "top program/school". They will make excuses and attempt to tear down the players who do commit to the top programs/schools in the first moth or so. We have heard it before and we will hear it again "she will never see the field", "that's a real head scratcher", "her father is connected", "we are putting academics first" etc....

I love when I hear things like "Maryland is not on her list" as if she is on Marylands list....

These are the same type of people who will then try to spin whatever their daughter does as "the best" possible choice/decision all the while knocking the choices made by others. Newsflash, trying to tear down others in an effort to elevate yourself/your daughter and or her choice is not a good look.

I have heard it in person and I have read it on this site... when a girl commits to Maryland, UNC, Syracuse etc... it's "she will major in lacrosse" or "she will never see the field", "my daughter does not want to be a lacrosse coach"...

September first is when parents and players find out just where they stand in relation to other players. The top players will receive multiple offers from some of the top college programs. There are many great schools that have women's lacrosse, but the reality is that the majority of the top players receive offers from and choose to attend one of those top programs.

Two older kids found great fits both at great schools with great lacrosse programs. One was considered a "top recruit" and had multiple offers from top 5 caliber programs as well as top 10 academic schools, the other was not that caliber but is at what I consider to be a great school (not Ivy, Stanford, Duke, ND, NU etc...) but a great school none the less. One (the one who was a top recruit) has started / played in every game on a Top 10 caliber team, the other has yet to see the field at a Top 20 caliber team. One was able to commit early the other had to go through the process (and it was long and at times stressful) but it all worked out. Both are very happy with where they are at.

I wish everyone well but... to the haters who knock players, schools, programs, coaches, clubs etc... to those who cry politics every time their daughter is not recognized we will see on September 1st and in the weeks to come how players stack up.

There will be surprises that go both ways.