I have done this with two kids. All else being equal, pursue the best school academically that your child receives interest from. Start with the Ivies , Stanford, Hopkins, G Town, Duke… and work down. Yes the Ivies are expensive and give out aid with an eye dropper but the job opportunities the kids get are ridiculous compared to every other school. If you can get 1/2 tuition off for 4 years at UVA, UNC, Michigan… then I can see going there vs full pay at an Ivy. The other thing you have to consider is honestly, is your child going to play? BC, UNC, Maryland are all fine schools but they roll with an army and get the best players year after year. Being on the team is a 40 hr a week job and riding the bench stinks. If you are in a position to choose, pick the best school academically where your child has a realistic opportunity to see the field and contribute.