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As a 2024 parent I’m curious how many college coaches are watching your games at tourneys this Fall. And are they still mostly D1 coaches or is it switching to D2 and D3 now at presidents cup? Just trying to get a feel for how this all works. Thanks in advance!

There were a lot of coaches at 23 games but also a lot at 24 games. Top tier d1 are done and watching 24s. Mostly d2 d3 on 23 sidelines for our team at least.

Having the 23s and 24s play at different complexes (40 min apart) on Sat & Sun sure didn't help the coaches' ability to watch both years.

Definitely agree with this! Directors/Organizers should have had those two grade years in same venue! They need to make it easier for the college coaches to see games and better for the players to have opportunity to get seen.