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Official visits are not camps. The recruit is no longer proving them self. They are given an itinerary for the visit which is designed to pull her in and impress. At this point they have been given an offer or will be given one during the visit. They want this recruit.

Exactly! And the top recruits are taking their 5 officials and then deciding. Camps are a scam. They may add 1-2 to a roster off camps, if even. They make money off a dream.

Painting with a broad brush.... you are correct though, for the top recruits there is no need to go to a camp at this stage of the game. However, if your daughter is not being pursued and being offered a spot going to a schools camp could be beneficial. Don't just go to any random camp though, if there is a particular school that your daughter is interested in try to see if there is genuine mutual interest from the coaching staff. Have your daughter email all coaches at the program and express her interest. Also, have her Club Director, high school coach and anyone else who has a relationship with the coaching staff (current players, former players etc..) to see if they have any interest in your daughter. Don't ask the coaches "should she go to the camp" just see if they know who she is on their list and if there is any interest. if the answers is yes than going to the camp might help.

Keep in mind, that right now many programs are fighting for the same girls, these are the players who are receiving offers, they are the players that the coaches have at the top of their lists. Coaches are casting their nets some smaller than others but they will all have to move down their list once girls start committing and coaches realize that they lost out on players that they wanted. In the past few months we have seen plenty of 22's committing to a variety of schools.

This is a process, not every player is going to receive offers from the likes of BC, UNC, Northwestern, Syracuse, Penn State, Princeton, Virginia, Notre Dame, Penn, Duke, USC, Stanford etc... Players should reach but be realistic, as the process continues players and parents will start to see what level the player is by the level of programs that are willing to make an offer. Remember, there is a lot of opportunity at schools outside the 10 - 15 traditional powers. Do your best to help your daughter navigate this process by stying positive and helping her to find a good fit.