We will hear the same nonsense when IL comes out with their Junior List, and we will hear it again next year when IL does their Senior List and again when The Under Armour Senior All Americans are announced.

The fact that the coaching staffs at the majority of the Top 10 - 15 Programs have selected approximately 13 of the 25 just 3 weeks into the process says a lot about the caliber of players on the list.

In the end, the list is just opinion but when players are offered spots at the best programs in the country I have to believe the players are pretty good. There are probably another 15 or so players committed to the Traditional Powers who on not on the list and I am sure that they are excellent players as well but they all can't be recognized because the list was limited to just 25 players.

The bottom line is the list doesn't matter, the real question is, what programs are making offers? If Carolina, BC, UVA, Northwestern, Princeton, Penn, Syracuse, Maryland etc... are offering you know where your daughter stands. If programs of that caliber are not offering then the player is most likely in the next tier. There are a lot of great schools with good lacrosse programs in the next tier but there is definitely a drop in the level of talent.