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Looks like the best sky walkers player will end up at Duke, the theory about only the top kids have gotten recruited gets trashed again. Plus I hear the grizzlies won’t be fielding older teams due to fall sports commitments. I know they had a lot of kids commit but what a bummer for the bottom of the roster.

Lol, she is definitely not the best, not by a long shot. Was owned by so many better players last summer. Daddy did make her look great in the highlight reel tho! Amazing what money can buy. Simmer down and worry about why Duke will always be a bridesmaid. Wonder if it has anything to do with their coaching and recruiting? Why do you think being a second class recruit to a sub par program is impressive? Hmmmm?
I’m sorry, really? Clearly I’m missing something? Shouldn’t we be celebrating all these girls hard work? Duke finished #8 in final rank. Sub par? Top 10 is sub par for you? Wow, you must have the awesomeness gene. You are so awesome. Your post exudes awesomeness. You must be so awesome to sit next to at Thanksgiving. Since you clearly are in the know of the first class recruit vs second class recruit, please share all your rankings of this class. If you need to demean anyone in the process, please, don’t let your awesomeness hold you back, because let’s face it, you are so superior and awesome.

Charlotte North left Duke for a reason. I leave it to you to figure out why. I'm pretty sure the rest of us know. Duke will never beat UNC, Cuse, BC. That gap will only continue to grow, with those other programs doing so much better recruiting studs. Duke has no NCAA titles, and have 1 conference championship (2005). For a big time program from a school were the men's program is so dominant, that is unacceptable!

People leave schools (transfer) all the time (athletes & non-athletes) for all kinds of reasons. How many Championships does Syracuse have? How about UNC? 2? How about BC ? 1?… We are not talking about Maryland or Northwestern.

BTW, you can’t mention CN and then claim that other programs are doing a better job with recruiting.

Maybe a lot of players do not have the academic credentials to get into Duke (even with help from athletics) or maybe some shy away from the academic rigor of a Top Tier Academic School (it’s not for everyone).

In any event, trying to knock a school or lacrosse program that is the caliber that Duke is just makes you sound foolish or jealous or both.

Some will prioritize lacrosse, some will prioritize academics, some will look for the best competition of both.

To each her own, good luck to all.