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What schools made offers on certain timelines is huge.
Look at the process the Ivies approached the 23’s.
A few Ivies picked girls quick, but then they got quiet and girls you would assume to be waiting for the Ivies went Duke or Carolina instead.
I think that the Ivies are taking their time, and the spots at Duke and Carolina were now or never.

Can we talk about who is behind the recruiting at CT Grz and if they freelance? Because they are putting a lot of other big clubs to shame! I thought a few clubs would have bigger name commitments by now.

Painting the Ivy’s with a pretty broad brush. Not trying to be mean but I don’t think that you understand how the recruiting process works. It is not very complicated, coaches watch the players play and then they go after the players who they like. Most Ivy’s are not competing with Duke and Carolina.

True. They’re competing with Stanford who is better or the same, as well as Northwestern and Duke. North Carolina does not big in to compete with those schools academically

I think the poster was saying that all ivy’s are not equal when it comes to lacrosse… Carolina absolutely competes for some of the players that Penn and Princeton compete for but in general most Ivy’s do not get the same caliber of player that UNC, BC, NU, Duke, ND etc get.

For whatever reason, people like to group conferences together but in reality the programs can be very different.

UNC & BC get the talent over Va Tech & Louisville

Maryland & Northwestern get the talent over OSU & Rutgers

Penn & Princeton get the talent over Columbia & Cornell

Loyola & Navy get the talent over Bucknell & Lafayette

UNC is an excellent school and I am sure there are plenty of great Lacrosse players with excellent grades who choose UNC over Ivy’s as well as NU, Duke, Stanford, Hopkins etc….

It is not about “conference” for the best players they go where they want and the majority of the time it’s to one of the best programs.