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So your saying that Boston College, JMU and of course Navy and Army aren't big time schools? That is where the 2023 commits have come from thus far. Laughable... There were many more 2022 commits at this point. And many were able to get on campus and clinics prior to Covid's impact (Fall 2020, Winter 2021) so you can't use that as an excuse. I think there are going to be many surprises for the 2023 parents....

Looks like the definition of “big time” has a different meaning to different people… IMHO Big Time would be Boston College, UNC, Maryland, Northwestern, Syracuse, Princeton, Florida, Virginia, Duke, Penn, Notre Dame, JMU, Penn State, USC, Stanford and maybe a couple of others. Army & Navy are in there own category for the incredible individuals who choose to go that route. Stony Brook is a Top 10 Program but is not for everyone.

Agree "big time" means different things to different people. There are Elite Teams, which many of those would be on the list. Drawing another analogy from FB, there are probably 5 "power" conferences in wlax (ACC, Big Ten, Pac 12, Ivy, CAA) and about a half dozen other schools from other conferences that fall around there. Your top 25 rankings each week will generally feature teams from these schools. Yes, some in the conferences are better than others and have year-in, year-out chances at a NC, but most would agree that if you are competing at the top of the league in these conferences, you are a top 25 team. So girls going to schools in these leagues have the ability to play on nationally ranked teams if things go well (even if not realistic odds to win a NC). That may be a better barometer of "big time", where those regularly competing for NC are likely "elite". "Big time" schools can get ranked and compete occasionally in the national mix, but the "elite" are there regularly.

Big Time…

ACC: BC, UNC, Syracuse, UVA, Notre Dame

B1G: Maryland, Northwestern, Penn State…Hopkins … (Michigan much improved, let’s see if they can consistently be Top 20)

Ivy: Princeton, Penn (Dartmouth looked good in 19’ let’s see if new coach can make it 3 Ivy’s)

PAC 12: USC, Stanford (can Colorado and Arizona State make the jump)

Patriot: Loyal (Navy has had a couple of great seasons)


AAC: Florida

AE: Stony Brook

Big East: Georgetown has dropped off over the years great school solid program, big time?? Denver has certainly been making noise.

There are somewhere between 15 & 20 “Big Time” programs. These are programs that are consistently Top 20 and in some cases Top 10.

We all know which programs they are, they are competitive among Top 10-20 programs each and every year. It is the exception not the rule if one of these teams is not ranked at the end of the season. We are not talking about the other way around. These are teams that consistently make the NCAA Tournament without having to win their conference, they are not a flash in the pan.

Not trying to knock or diminish any programs, just looking at history, results and reality. There are some programs that are positioned better than others to consistently crack the Top 20:
Michigan is my odds on favorite, they have all the pieces, just need to become more consistent at getting top talent.