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Classes are now starting to get numbers in the top schools - almost a month in. And, most of the top schools are saying they will have a small 2023 class. But nothing yet from Northwestern, Stanford, Hopkins.

BC: 3-4
UNC: 5
UVA: 6
Syracuse: 4-5

Princeton: 6
Penn: 5
Florida: 5
Duke: 4-5
Maryland: 3
Rutgers: 2
Notre Dame: 1-2
Northwestern; 0
Hopkins: 0
Stanford: 0

How many of the commits are from The Island?


Yale got a couple players too

Yes, and so have many other schools but the original post was trying to identify the Top Lacrosse Programs that have committed players.

Yale is an excellent school but it has been a long time since they have fielded a very competitive women’s lacrosse team. There is no shortage of players that would like to go to Yale I’m sure of that. However, Princeton, Northwestern, Penn, Duke, Stanford, Hopkins and Notre Dame are the Top 20 academic schools that consistently bring in the large majority of top academic kids who also happen to be top tier lacrosse players.

Not knocking Yale, it’s just reality that they have not been competitive with the top programs for a while, certainly more than 10 or 12 years. Who knows, maybe this year will be different.