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You assume that the each player selects the best lacrosse school. You can have a better plater pick a lower ranked school for a variety of reasons; location, academic specialty, etc. not all coaches support all majors so many top players steer away snd go to weaker athletic programs for the career choice. (Engineering or nursing).

Are you responding to a particular post? Who are you talking to? Who assumes?

Never the less, I will play along. The vast majority of the best players, i.e. the top 50 - 75 (IL Top 40, Under Armour AA caliber players) consistently choose to go to one of the perineal Top 10 -20 programs. Academics is obviously a big part of the equation as just about all of these programs are excellent academic institutions.

IMHO most would agree that it is not always where a player commits that indicates where the player stands but rather what schools made offers. If North Carolina, Boston College, Northwestern and Syracuse are offering I am sure she is an excellent player regardless of where she chooses to go to school. However, The reality is that the best players are offered spots by several of the best college programs and in most cases they choose to attend one those programs.

Boston College
North Carolina
Stony Brook
Notre Dame
Penn State

Although the above are not equal, they do outperform the the other 100 or so programs on a consistent basis. As the sport continues to grow I'm sure we will see a few more programs compete with the above on a regular basis (who those programs will be is anyones guess). High caliber players can usually find the right fit at one of the schools listed above.

Not promoting any schools or programs and not knocking any schools or programs. Just pointing out the obvious, the best programs are the best because they get the majority of the best players.