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Still baffles me that some grown adults on this forum still have a hard time grasping the concept of "rankings." We are all are constantly ranked through out life since birth. it's not a new concept. In school, at work, financially, etc. Now take this concept, apply it to sports, and voiala! Some people are better at things than other people. This is a simple fact. There are girls who are just better than your daughter. more talented and naturally gifted. sooner you accept this, the better off you'll be. Just because your daughter isn't ranked amongst the best doesn't render the rankings "meaningless." Rankings are based on observations and current data. Can someone emerge from nowhere and ascend? ofcourse. can those who are ranked fall? yes they can. it's not an exact science. this is a literal fact of life. choosing one extreme to try and make a point is redundant. Instead of tearing down those who are deserving of their rankings based on their PERFORMANCE, congratulate them and use it as a lesson to motivate your child to get better.

No, the rankings are meaningless, there are always some real head scratchers, most of the players will disappear at the next level, many are only ranked because of connections, they are a joke, there are many deserving players who were not ranked.