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I’m starting to get a few winter camp apps for ‘23s.
A few schools passed on us after September camps and they’re sending mass emails out- understood.
Are these schools just spamming the 23s? Are these clinics for the 24s. I’m not giving in and paying again to be seen in a camp with 100 kids.
Are any of these schools attending the November tourneys? Are the Nov tourneys just a waste as well and not attended by nearly as many coaches as the summer tourneys?

The November tournaments will be very important for '23s still looking for a home. Esspecially the Mid Atlantic and President's cup in Dallas. You can go on their websites and see the lists of coaches who have reported that they will be attending. I would definitly keep reaching out to them to express interest, and let them know when/where your daughter will be playing, and why your daughter is a good fit for their program. The coaches will also begin to look at some of their top '24 prospects. As for the camps, they will be well attended, and I would suspect that about half the girls attending will be '24s, as well as girls who are already committed to those schools. If your daughter can play well and be competitive with their recruits, I would think she would have a shot at being recruited. She needs to stand out in both the fall tounaments, and the camps. Good luck!

Do the committed girls go to the tournaments to help support their teammates or do they not go so the uncommitted can get more play time?