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So, back to stuff that actually is important. A recruiting question. Daughter received interest from the majority of schools she is interested in. There is no perfect school. They all have strengths and weaknesses. Either they are outstanding academic (top 10) with ok lacrosse. Meaning little to no chance of a national championship, but for some (not ACC), a chance for a conference championship. One has a decent chance to win a NC, but is a plane ride away, while the others are 3 hours are less driving. Then there are a couple which are 5-8 hour drive and top 20-30 schools, but will probably not offer any money. A couple other calls informed her that she is not the top of the list, but will likely move up after girls start to commit. Some of these schools also said if they recruit her, she will only be allowed to play a certain position which is not the position she wants to play. She will probably not be waiting around for those schools, as they are no better than the other options that have her higher. She really liked/connected with some coaches she spoke to, but not so much for others. Ivies are definitely in the mix, and we would probably get about 50% there (need based). Does anyone know if any of the Ivies have grants? Would you go for top academic over good academic with better lax? We will obviously be visiting about 5-6 schools, but it is all getting so confusing to make the best choice. Anyone out there going through, or went though a similar scenario and have any advice?

I’d immediately remove the schools that don’t want to play her at her preferred position.