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Wasn’t it like $700 to play?
Why risk injury or travel when the tournaments start in earnest next weekend?
Do they BC girls have any to prove?
Were there not any coaches in attendance?
Were any of the coaches employed as college coaches yet?
I don’t think the write ups were that great. Not too many girls were mentioned, and I was looking for names that never got a mention. I wonder how those kids feel? I think that is what this tourney was good for- a mention or tag.

Was a fun event but didn't seem to be many evaluators at the games so curious to see how the "rankings" shake out. Would have been great to have all stats posted for games because the writeups in IL were pretty weak. There was a girl on our team who had at least 4 assists in one game and probably 6-8 on the day with no mention at all.

"didn't seem to be many evaluators at the games" How do you even know who they are? In the past, the IL Player Rankings have been based on the players body of work on the club circuit, the UA Underclass Games and maybe the IL Committed Academy.... not on one game or particular event. As far as stats being the barometer to evaluate a player... well, lets just say that over the years many of the best players do not put up a lot of goals or assists. Maybe that is why some people carry on so much about the rankings, they see their daughter score some goals and wonder why they are not ranked ahead of other players who do not score a lot of goals. Many traditional midfielders do not put up a lot of points but get ranked higher than and more importantly get recruited ahead of many girls who score a lot of goals. You seem like one of those parents that would be happy if your daughter scored 3 goals but the team lost. I would be willing to bet that you would never notice the 3 or 4 dense shots she took that should be classified as a turnover or the 3 or 4 times she didn't feed the ball to that wide open cutter or the 3 times she tried to force it to the goal only to lose the ball or the 2 or three times she cut to goal when she should not have or the lack of effort while redefining etc...

There is a lot more to this game than scoring goals....

You just described Charlotte North. She forces the ball and hardly ever passes to wide open players. Yes she scores a lot, but also turns the ball over a lot. Best player in college lacrosse, lol. Why were the stats kept for the boys ID event but not the girls? Hard to know how most girls did based on the write ups. They sounded like they were written by a 6th grader who knew little about the sport.

Why do you even post such nonsense ? CN had 102 goals last year Vs 34 Turnovers, true that she does not assist much but obviously that is not her role on the team. CN had a shooting percentage of .630 which is incredible and her Shots on Goal percentage was .840 which is off the charts. She also had 174 Draw Controls, another unbelievable stat.

The post you were responding to does not describe CN at all.

Watched her play in the sixes last weekend. She ran past wide open girls. Didn't even look at them. Selfish lacrosse. Yes, she is a one man team, but is that the objective of the game? Not fun to watch.

When you have the ability to do what she can do, yes, you do what she does. The problem arises when parents coach their daughters to try and do what CN does but they lack the athleticism and ability to do so. We have all seen it, Dad or Mom telling their daughter to "go to goal" or "keep shooting" even when it is not the right thing to do or when they do not have the ability. Selfish lacrosse is ugly, selfish teammates will always hurt the team and coaches that allow selfish play will never win a championship.

Before all of the Go to Goal parents chime in, when a player has the ability to do what CN does, it's not selfish it's part of the overall team strategy. The reality is that there are very few players that have that kind of ability.

As for the "one man team" comment, CN is far from a one man team. BC won the National Championship because they played incredible Team Defense and had great Goalie play... in addition to what CN does, total Team Effort. As usual, that is what wins championship games.