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The post was about the two '22 Duke commits that did not make the UA Highlight team. It was not due to politics. They did not play well. I was there. You also know that the UA Highlight team won the tournament so stop with your nonsense.

Right, cause when one of the selected TG players choose to go to American Select instead Dave just replaced her with another Elevate player.. yup who the coach is doesn't matter at all in who makes the team..

and btw , Im sure they still got all that Duke money coming in...how about you?

Lol, the elevate player was better, and deserved the spot. Hard to swallow I know, but a fact. And the team finally won without the YJ influence. Very telling! Duke has a problem recruiting which is why they will continue to trail in the ACC. Did you notice that none of the top '23 players considered Duke?

Nothing annoys me more than when someone writes cause instead of because. It’s one thing to say it when you’re speaking it’s entirely another thing when you actually write it. Come on you’re better than that![/quote

Who gives two poops what the heck annoys you!!!!
You sound so obnoxious , get over yourself! Come on, You’re better than that !!!