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I know many of us have our differences on here but want to say that I am a die hard LI Lax fan and want to see every one of these girls on the island be successful in whatever sport or career path they choose so sharing a post that I came across on social media given NLI day on Nov. 10th.:

With the NLI Signing Day tomorrow, I thought this would be an appropriate reminder:

Letter from a Bruin:
(Samantha Duran)

I never had a signing day.
I never signed the document saying that I was going to be a Bruin. My commitment was over the phone late December of my senior year. I will never forget the moment when Coach I called my house and said two simple words..."Hey Bruin!" No pen, no document, no signing party...just word of mouth. I never had an official visit, I never took the picture on the football field, I never had a host. My unofficial was the bells and whistles, and just being on that campus was magical enough for me.

I commend the young athletes who are signing today. What a special moment for you all! Your hard work has paid off, YOU DESERVE IT!

But for the young girls at home, the seniors who are currently on their social media looking at pictures of their friends signing a document you "wish" you had, please don't be sad. Because timing is everything, and a document doesn’t mean that your opportunities are gone. There is a school for everyone, there is a program for you, and you don’t need a signing day to remind you of that.

So, from the girl who didn’t "sign," didn’t get the full ride, didn’t have an official visit...please don’t stop working. Because my degree from the number 1 ranked public university in the country doesn’t say whether I signed or not. Instead it shows the hard work, dedication, and commitment I had to prove everyone wrong. And I can't wait till you find a place to call home, I'm sure happy I did.

Sincerely, "The Walk-On"

Great Post!

Thank you

The only thing that is not accurate is the term "Walk On", she may not have received an athletic scholarship but she was not a walk on, she was recruited. That term is misused frequently: a "walk on" is someone who shows up at an open "Tryout" and walks on and attempts to earn a spot on the team. There are many "recruited athletes" who do not receive any athletic scholarship money but they are certainly not "walk ons". College football announcers are probably to blame as they misuse the term "walk on" all the time. They call any player who was not given a scholarship out of HS a "walk on" which is not really accurate. Using that definition every DIII athlete would be considered a walk on as would all of the Ivy League Athletes. In general more than 25% of DI (FBS) football players are not on scholarship but they were recruited athletes, not walk ons. At the DI (FCS) level the number of non-scholarship players could be as high as 50% on any given team.

With many DI women's lacrosse teams having rosters in the 40's and only 12 athletic scholarships to split up there are many athletes who do not receive any athletic scholarship money but they are not walk ons, they are recruited athletes.

Samantha is an Inspiration to all the athletes who are chasing their dream of playing a college sport. Great letter!

Preferred walk-on means guaranteed spot on team, no scholarship money. Recruited walk-on is also used in the same way or can mean spot is not guaranteed. Unrecruited walk on shows up on campus and tries out for the team. They are all considered walk-ons until they receive athletic money, which some eventually do.

Why don't we just focus on the broader message of theoriginal amazing post and not semantics.