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What if your not happy with the colleges that have been reaching out? Seriously.... my kid is super smart but the options that she is being given so far is well below her academics? yet she wants to play help seriously

Have you reached out to the schools that your daughter is interested in?

It is very important to make sure that all of the coaches (head coach & assistants) at the schools that your daughter would like to go to are aware of your daughters genuine interest and desire to attend the school.

Ask your Club Director and HS Coach to reach out to the schools as well.

What level of lacrosse would you say the schools that have expressed interest are? Look for better academic schools that are of similar lacrosse level to the schools that have reached out.

Don't panic or get too stressed (do your best to help your daughter do the same). The process has just begun.

Develop a plan.....

Go to NCAA Women's Lacrosse website, select DI, click on rankings, Select RPI . There you will see all of the schools that offer Division I women's lacrosse. (you can do the same for DII & DIII as well)


Make a list of all the schools that your thinks she would be interested in and develop a strategy to "market" your daughter to the coaches at those schools. You do not want to be a pest but you want to make it known that your daughter would like to play for them.

Keep in mind, if your daughter has excellent grades she may be able to get a lot of academic $$ from schools that you feel are below her academically.

Hope that was somewhat helpful.

Thank you for this post! Very helpful and very sound advice. So glad to see this kind of helpful post on BOTC. Really appreciate the info. And positivity in the post.