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"I’m hard pressed to think of a women’s lacrosse player being recruited that wouldn’t take Cathy Reese’s call. If they wouldn’t, they are the fool."

Not one girl at my daughter's school has ever wanted to play for Maryland. If they get their pick of college lacrosse opportunities they always go High Academic - Ivies, Duke, NW or Notre Dame - people in MD need to get out of their bubble. Cathy Reese is a great coach and the girls on the team seem like excellent kids, so good luck to them.

What a bunch of BS.

"Not one girl at my daughters school has ever wanted to play for Maryland" more nonsense...

"If they get their pick of college lacrosse opportunities they always go High Academic - Ivies, Duke, NW, Notre Dame"..... Yeah, okay.

Not even sure where to begin... Lets start with this: only Princeton and Penn can be mentioned in the same breath as Northwestern, Notre Dame and Duke when we are talking lacrosse. Any given year there are maybe 5 - 9 girls total from Long Island that commit to Northwestern, Notre Dame, Duke, Princeton or Penn. I'm sure they are not all from your daughters school. The odds are that your daughters school might produce Zero players most years that are offered opportunities at the schools mentioned, maybe 1 or 2 on a good year. So, where do they all go? Very doubtful that Maryland would even offer a spot to 1 girl if any in a given year from your daughters school.

Trying to diminish The University of Maryland and or the Terrapin Lacrosse Program simply makes you look foolish.

Why are you so mad? Pretty sure my daughter will get some very strong offers from top academic and top 20 lax schools. MD is not a top Choice. Average academic school who’s lax has declined. Just not the kind of school my daughter is interested in. You should be happy, more spots for your daughter! Would be a third tier for us, like a safety school.

Not mad at all, just calling your BS out. Maryland is certainly one of the top 2 or 3 lacrosse programs in the country and it is far above average with respect to academics. For some reason you want to bash Maryland, I'm not sure why but I will bet that the Maryland Coaching staff feels the same way about your daughter as you and your daughter feel about their university and their lacrosse program.

You seem pretty sure about all of the offers that will be coming your daughters way, for her sake I hope you are right. However, I have been around a long time and have been through the process multiple times and I have seen many delusional parents have a tough time when those offers from the top programs / universities do not come.

Will your daughter be ranked by IL in the Top 20 or 30 for her class? Will she earn a spot in the UA Senior AA game next year? If she is that caliber of player that is terrific and I am sure she will be able to choose to go wherever she wants. If she is not that caliber don't expect any offers from Top 10 - 20 programs anytime soon, those schools typically don't make offers to second tier players until all of the top players have committed.