First, the number one girl is not from the Jesters, and she is also not going to BC. The way it works, is schools have a certain amt they want to recruit for each position. Like 2-3 Mid, 2-3 Att, 2-3 Def, 1 G, If two girls were offered at the same position from BC, they were most likely given a time frame to make the decision. There is only so much money to be given out, and both of those girls would not be getting the big scholarship, although they could both probably go. Now that they have a top Middie, they will focus on getting a top attacker. Besides, in my opinion, the YJ girl will be a better college player, and Jesters girl not looking to sit. I am also not "afraid" of anyone committing to BC. Excellent school, just not the right fit for my daughter. Good luck to everyone making these important decisions. Such an exciting time!