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You can’t do them all. Choose a couple. Ask your club coach to reach out and find out if your daughter is on the radar. Which tier is she in. That will guage the interest level and if it’s worth your time and money. Yes there are schools that will not look at you unless attend their camp. The ones you woukd expect. But those apps already have their tip commits and know who they want.

Agree. Prospect days and clinics are most beneficial when your daughter is already on a program's radar. The girls they are actually interested in are usually placed together in groups. I have not heard of schools only recruiting players who attend their camps first (not saying it doesn't happen), but I can confirm there are times a coach wants the opportunity to observe and work with players in an instructional setting before making an offer. It also gives players the opportunity to evaluate how they like working with a coaching staff and other recruits, and be around current players to get a feel for the team culture. In my experience, playing at good recruiting tournaments was best for being noticed and led to calls with coaches but prospect days do have value in come cases. Receiving a generic registration email for camps/clinics may simply mean your daughter is on their distribution list, nothing more, so you want to confirm legitimate interest through club coach or a phone call.