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To the 23's that are still looking for a home, good luck! It's not fun and a grind for the girls that commit over the next 8 months! But understand, you are way ahead of all your other high school classmates. It's closer to the the norm not to be in the first round of commits! There are 2 years before you set foot on a college lacrosse field. Girls have their junior and senior seasons to train and prove they were overlooked. It's the lessons the they learn during this tough time that make them mentally tougher. Many girls are on cruise control for the next 2 years and get passed by the girls who have learned they have to continue to improve their entire high school careers! Keep working and you will be rewarded!

While I also wish all of the players good luck and want them all to find a home and great fit, some of your narrative is not necessarily accurate. Your post implies that players that are not committed yet will work harder and develop greater mental toughness than the players who are committed already. You also state that many of the committed players will go on cruise control and get passed by the players who are not yet committed.

The reality is that the majority of the players who are recognized by the best college coaches as the top recruits do not get lazy, they do not get passed by and they in fact go on to excel at the next level at many of the best college programs.