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There are several top players still looking at Northwestern, Hopkins, Notre Dame and a few other schools.

If your daughter is a top tier player, she has committed already. The top schools have moved on to the girls second and third on their list for the position. That is if they are still even looking. Hopkins, NU and ND did not get the girls they really wanted which is why they are lagging a bit. There also is little to no scholarship money left at these schools. Not to say that they will not get talented players that will perform well, and maybe even better than their first choice. Stanford was interesting where they went from 0 to 5 in their first weekend of visits and had to cancel visits this weekend. Good news is that most top schools will take another girl or two if they really stand out this fall or next summer.

Stanford canceled due to completion?

How is that possible? I read a post from some joker claiming that top players didn’t want to go to Stanford. Pretty sure he thinks all of the top players come from Long Island which they obviously do not. Great players from all over the country, just look at where the best programs are getting their players from.

Take a look at where these schools get their players from

North Carolina
Boston College
Norte Dame
Penn State