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Reading through these posts made me look at the current 2023 player rankings. I hope that I am wrong but does Inside Lacrosse develop their rankings solely by video submissions that you need to pay for? (https://www.insidelacrosse.com/page/getevaluated). If I am correct, I don't believe in any rankings at this point.

Yes, and pay to play events like Elite 8 and ID. They also look at where the girls have committed. The boys side does it much better. If you look at the IL website, you wouldn’t even know that girls play lacrosse based on the lack of attention they get.

No, that is not how IL comes up with player rankings. They watch the players play at the tournaments that the top teams are at was well as committed academy and UA underclass tournament. In the past, their Young Gun Senior Rankings (top 40) have been very good.

IL started years ago ranking the Top 30 then increased it to Top 40 and I believe for 1 year they did Top 50. It looks like they dropped it to 30 for the 2021's and to 20 for the 2022's. I do not believe that they have put out ranking for the 2023's. In the past, If a player did not play for a top club team at the top tournaments or if they did not play in the UA Underclass games it was obviously harder for IL to see them play. The rankings have been pretty good over the years.

Below is cut and paste from the women's thread, they are talking about the 2016 Under Armour Senior All-Americans (just about every player that was ranked in the Top 30 by Inside Lacrosse also earned UA AA, Inside Lacrosse does a good job).

----- "There are always people on here saying: "Many of these "top recruits" will not turn into top college players" or something similar "they will never see the field" "they will disappear in college" etc... It is simply not true at all, it has been documented many times on BOC how the Top Recruits (Inside Lacrosse top 40 young gun seniors, Under Armour Senior All-Americans) do in college and in general the large majority do very well.

Here we go again...

- 2016 Under Armour Senior All-American Girls

- 48 Players

- 41 developed into Starters / Regulars playing every game.

- There were at least 22 All-Conference players

- There were at least 15 All-Americans.

- There were at least 15 Team Captains.

- There were 3-5 players that had an injury that affected or ended career.

- There were 4-5 players that were reserve players for their entire career, they did not see much playing time.

Despite the narrative that "top recruits will disappear in college", the reality is that the large majority go on to have very successful college careers at many of the very best college programs.

Keep in mind that the majority of these players go to the best programs, if you work your way into playing every game at a Top 10 program you are doing pretty well and would likely be a "star" at just about all other programs.

I choose this group because I am very familiar with this class and they have all gone through their full college career." ---

Please get off this thread. This is useless information! It's 2021, not 2016. Much has changed! Go worry about you college daughter and stop copying other posts. This is not relevant to the discussion.

Yeah, lets get back to bashing Clubs, Colleges, Teams, Coaches, Directors, Lists, Player Rankings, UA, AS, etc...

BTW, the information seem pretty relevant to the discussion, it is especially relevant in response to the original post.