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I love the person saying multiple times 'No one cares if the Grizzlies are there'.
Sure, OK. No one cares about getting spanked all summer and wanting another shot at them at Presidents Cup?
I know my daughter and her teammates do.

Hmmm…..sounds like someone is confused. It’s a recruiting tournament. Girls are going to get recruited, how many girls have been recruited from the Grizzlies? 5/6? I’m sure the rest of your team would love to get a chance to play in front of the big coaches. The score of the games are meaningless.

The Grizzlies have 10 committed so far. UNC, Harvard, Princeton, Virginia, Syracuse, Dartmouth, Michigan x2, Richmond, Navy.

That is absolutely terrific! There are going to be a lot of delusional Long Island parents getting a dose of reality. Many great players from all across the country receiving offers from the best college programs. Too many Long Island players think that they know who all of the best 23’s are, they do not know. Part of the problems is that their daughters play for one of the 4 or 5 top LI Club teams and maybe the will be listed as Top 100 players by Newsday, or the top 50-75 best by BOTC. Nice for the players to be recognized but the lists are simply too big and there is a big gap after the top 20-25 players. The Top 20-25 LI players will receive offers from the Top 15-20 college programs. I realize that there are a lot of great opportunities for the girls but I also know that the type of parent I am talking about believes their daughter is a top player and will receive offers from the top college programs, most will not. The complaints, excuses and then the justification of why XYZ is a better choice than UNC or Virginia or Why ABC is a better choice than Stanford, Norhwestern or Duke….
It’s not politics, coaches at the best programs take players that they believe can help the program compete.