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Sorry, not sure why you are offended that a Skywalkers is 2nd in the 2023 class

Eh...you're probably her mom trolling for attention and accolades ... we cant wait to see where she lands![/quote]
Nope, don't even know her. Just curious why so many got worked up by the statement? Interesting IMO. Honestly, I think it goes to show that "the best" may not actually be the best, and that there are plenty of girls out there that don't get the acknowledgement that are in fact "the best" - they just weren't "marketed" like some of these girls.[/quote]

Ok there's another girl on that team with super-marketing mom too. Go home and play there. The girls will be much happier, plus its bad for their mental health just flying back and forth all of the time.[/quote]

Just curious - what is the acceptable amount of marketing according to the self righteous on this page? If your kid is from a non-traditional lacrosse region/not flying across the country to play with a well known program, how do you ensure your kid gets seen? I just listened to the IWLCA webinar on the recruiting process and the college coaches all said that they will miss players - good players - because they can't be at every tournament, etc. Talented kids will be missed unless they market themselves.[/quote]

Ok Mom