This constant talk about Syracuse, UNC and BC as being the best……Come on. Did you know Delaware has more NCAA championships than Syracuse and the same number as BC. Did you know that Temple has more championships than Syracuse and BC, the same number as UNC. The most successful lacrosse programs are Maryland, Northwestern, Virginia and Princeton. If your team isn’t on this list than you are either a 0, 1 or 2. If you take out the teams with 2 (Temple, Penn State and UNC) than you are a 1 or 0. If you take out the teams with 1 (Delaware, UMASS, JMU, New Hampshire, BC and Harvard) than you are now one of the many zeros. Trust me it’s OK, not everyone will be on the best team. UNC has proven over and over again that winning with a collection of the “best” players isn’t a formula for long term success. The transfer portal has created a culture where loyalty isn’t valued or encouraged. Just wait until your kid waits two years to finally get some meaningful minutes and your team drops in two Junior transfer starters on top.