Don't give the college coaches too much credit. They make mistakes every single year. All of them.[/quote]

Yeah, okay. I guess that's why we see so much parity in DI women's lacrosse. The coaches at the best programs consistently identify and get the best players every year. If they were making a lot of mistakes it wouldn't be the same 10 - 15 programs always finishing the season ranked in the top 10 or 20. The reality is that there is a limited number of legitimate top tier talent and the large majority of that talent ends up at the top programs.[/quote]

Agree with that. My point is that the coaches miss a lot on the talent that isn't "top tier" - which is quite a large number of coaches and kids. I also think these Top 15 programs cast a wide net and snag some girls that were overrated and wind up not contributing. Look at Stony Brook and Syracuse for two prime examples.[/quote]

Exactly! Look at Charlotte North, unknown from Texas who left Duke because they stink and don't know how to coach, and explodes under the right guidance. Izzy Scane was recruited as a defenseman from the midwest that nobody ever heard of, and look at her!