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I watched Rutgers beat Maryland in NJ this year and they barely beat Rutgers in College Park. How many times has that happened in the history of the winning program in history? Their roster has been all Maryland girls in the past and it has served them great. I'm looking forward. Keep living in the past if your a proud turtle. How strong is the Maryland brand outside of Maryland?? I'm sure Cathy Reese knows it and is doing something about it, but she is playing catch up.

Maryland brought in 8 freshman this year 2 from NY, 2 from NJ and 4 from MD.

The Terps also brought in 5 Transfers (Penn, Princeton, Hopkins, North Carolina, Albany) 2 from NY, 1 from PA, 1 from Canada I believe and 1 from MD.

8 of the 13 new faces are not from MD…

Maryland brought in 5 very good transfers:

Penn - All-American, All-Ivy attack

Hopkins - All-American, All-Big 10 attack ... 182 points in her career .

Albany - All-America East, AE Defensive Player of the year.

North Carolina - Under Armour All-American Senior. Inside Lacrosse #13 Recruit.

Princeton - Under Armour All-American Senior. Inside Lacrosse #17 Recruit.

The NCAA decision to allow transfers was not a good one. My daughter is a 2024 but I feel so bad for all of the 2022s and 2023s that aren't getting the chance to play in college because of spots being taken up by 5th and 6th year players. Those girls lost part of their High School careers and now aren't even getting the chance to play in college.

This couldn’t be more true. So many 22’s won’t even get the opportunity to play in college at all. If you look at the overall number of commits from the laxbytes/laxpower site, the impact is in black and white:

2020: 3,445 commits
2021: 2,659 commits (77% of pre-5th year level)
2022: 1,703 commits (49.4% of pre-5th year level)
2023: too early to tell

Obviously there will be a few more 22 commits but with the focus now on the 23’s, the 22 class is filled for most colleges at this point. At this point, the 22 recruit class lost half the roster spot opportunities compared to years past.

Not so fast, you need to dig a little deeper than just looking at total count on laxbytes. Their data includes Club, NAIA, D1, D2 and D3. Info is entered into the database much later for some divisions than others. I am seeing as many 2022 commits announced as 2023 so far this fall, but to different levels of programs. I don't have time for a deep dive into the data but here's a glimpse of what's going on when you sort by division, count pages of D1, NAIA, etc and multiply by # or commits per page.

2020: ~80 Club, ~260 NAIA, ~1200 D1
2021: ~30 Club, ~100 NAIA, ~1100 D1
2022: 0 Club, ~20 NAIA, ~1030 D1

2021 D1 is 92% or 2020, 2022 D1 is 86% of 2020 D1. This is likely a better indicator of reduced opportunity due to covid 5th year.