Since this turned into a goalie discussion; here are a few dumbs questions regarding women(men also) lacrosse goalies. The space to the side of the hips and knees account for a large percentage of collegiate goals. I see these girls being taught to get the stick head down below their waists and also all the way to the ground. The current skill level and shot speeds are making some shots practically impossible to stop. Why is the bottom hand on the stick not taught to be a simple blocker to deflect shots on the right side? My other observation is how many straight on bounce shots work, there is time to simply block those with your body like a catcher in baseball. I know goalies are taught to go to the ball with their bodies, but It seems to me the stick head is still to often the primary hammerhead being used make particular saves despite have to travel the most distance. The goal is to block the shot, not catch it in the stick from a relative outsiders perspective.

That Colorado girl looks like a hybrid lacrosse/ice hockey goalie. She looks ready to pouch before she throws her body at the ball combined with a super quick stick. I think it's why see seems to stand out above the others.