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Not at all. Coaches don't care about lists like this at all!

You are correct, College Coaches only care about their list…

As of now, more than half of that list is committed to many of the best programs so I guess the players were also on the only lists that really matter, the coaches lists. Time will tell where the rest of the players land.

Exactly! Half. The other half...who knows. Some will commit to good schools..some will not. Meanwhile, a couple question marks. Several girls not on this list have also committed to top 10 schools, where are they? Seems they should be on this list before the random uncommitted girls. There are also many top girls from TG, and YJ who are not on this list and also at let 1-2 from Legacy. How is that? Not one girl from the top team in the country on the list? Seems odd, no?

It’s all opinion …. BC might like a player, uNC and Syracuse might not….

The real issue is it’s only 25 players, obviously there are very good players not on the list. Listening to the whinny LI parents complain is getting old.

Way too many delusional parents out there.

If your daughter is a top recruit at a top 10 program and is not on the list we get it, she is obviously deserving (but you probably don’t care because it doesn’t matter). However, if you think your daughter is top tier but isn’t receiving offers from top tier teams or is being offered a spot but not much else you still want her to receive attention.

What programs are offering and what are they offering will tell you where your daughter stands.