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Do the 150 for film - my dd did it her first year.
Lots of other regions come in with players. A girl on her team from FL is now going to Brown. Tall and athletic but was very green in experience- so it doesn’t matter your skills!
The only reason the M&D, SW girls do it is because they are proactive about getting into college for lax. You need to have a few small references
And some video lined up for the application. Moot point at this time. But you must be fwd
I was talking with a mom from HS team and she had told me she skipped Texas this year as a 24! That’s not the year to be skipping!

All the area team except NEMS. They didn’t think it was worth the trip.

It’s free to apply so what’s to lose?
Also get the film so the the coaches know to check into your games by the time the G8 or MidAtlantic starts!
Tell your coach/ director that you want the team to play up in tournaments so you get seen more.
At this point in your playing it’s more about showcasing than winning. Get selfish. Sorry.