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"Keep drinking that Koolaid"

Well my oldest played SW White and started lacrosse as a 7th grader and she plays low level D1

Top players on A teams in B type brackets do better but if that is all you are shooting for congrats

I don't understand what the comment "all I'm shooting for" means. My daughter decided later than her friends to pick up lacrosse. She was not good enough to make SW blue - but they offered her white - she accepted. She was a decent high school player - not the strongest on her team but a good player. She was able to get recruited on a low level D1 school. Since we're more worried about whether the school was a good fit and less about the lacrosse it worked out well for her. Not every girl playing club is going to get recruited to the top 10 -20 Div I schools. And I get the feeling you're an M&D parent - I have news for you - not every M&D black girl is going to get recruited to those schools either. Trust me - I've seen it the past couple years.

Maybe my family was shooting for a school that my daughter loves w/ the benefit of playing lacrosse there. She stays in shape - gets playing time (which is more than can be said for some black/blue/green girls going to MD, UNC, Syracuse, Hopkins, etc.) and is getting a good education with a little bit of a lax $$. If you took away the lacrosse and the $3,000 off - she would still want to be at her school . So yeah - it worked out for us.

But the whole point of my original comment was to say that YES - some people who play SW White can play DI. Obviously not all - maybe not alot - but some. And maybe they're not worried about playing DI - there's alot of schools out there. geez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't endorse Skywalkers - but it worked out well for us. But people on here seem to want to bash them for everything. They offer a white team - people accept and pay the money. Why other people/strangers care and feel the need to comment is beyond me

they comment because its anonymous, they feel better about themselves degrading someone else's SW experience and they are usually just sad lonely people...BTW good for your kid finding the right school for her.