That's great for your daughter - but I think you will find more often than not the parent coach is an issue. If the parent coach's child is one of the strongest players its easier to swallow but when they're not one of the strongest players (or worse yet - towards the bottom of the roster) and they're out there playing ahead of other stronger players then it is a huge issue. You will find it in every sport. Rec lax is dwindling now but a couple years ago playing club was a way to get away from the daddy-ball that was prevalent in rec. Now it's just transferred over to club. The other issue that comes with a parent coach is the "friends" issue. Whether it be the friends of the coach w/ players on the team or friends of the coach's child playing on the team. The same issues that come with a parent coach's child start to also happen with the "friends". Sometimes they play more or play certain positions cause adult friends of the coach pressure the coach - sometimes players should be cut and are not cut for the same reason. And I'm sorry - that's not how club lax works. Personal relationships should have no bearing on a club lax team. When you add multiple parent coaches to a team the problem gets even worse. As soon as a parent coach acquiesces to his/her friends - it means these friends are now interfering with other players place on the team. While I agree a parent coach will stay invested longer than a hired coach - I don't think hands should be thrown in the air and say "ok all of our teams are now turned over to parent coaches". Maybe a solution is to have parent coaches be the assistants ??? The mommy-ball/daddy-ball issue will never go away. But you will not have these issues with a non parent coach. No parent should be able to influence coaches at all and not having parent coaches is a good step towards eliminating that.

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On the flip side of the argument. Only parents coaching will be invested the entire year -every year to a team and their development. If the caoch is objective with all players it is a better scenario than the fleeting young ex-player on her cell phone. These jobs pay nothing so turnover is high. My d has a parent (dad) coach who is the best teacher of the game that we have had. This is our 3rd D to play.