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the B team but the drop off from 13-20 is huge. I'm glad it worked out for your daughter but the reality is that the 2nd team of any club's age group is a money grab (a $40k plus money grab). If you recruited the top girls on each of the B Teams to some of the mid level/emerging clubs you could add 2-3 competitive A teams to this age group.

What do you tell girls number 13-20 on the B teams? Sorry you can't play club lacrosse any more, because it's just a "money grab" - just stick to rec.

These LAX Clubs have B teams because there is a demand for them. You may have a newer girl to the sport like the previous poster, or someone developing a little later.

BTW, my daughter is not in the above situation. But someone has defend my 13-20 friends of my daughter.

The defense for girls 13-20 is to save your money and in most cases playing rec at $175 is better option. Then take the 2k that you saved and put it towards training and development. I will say this, my kids have been playing club a long time and I can't remember 1 time that the coaches went over the fundamentals of catching, throwing or shooting. There just isn't enough time and the expectation is that they can already do this or are working on it outside of practice. They may pull a player aside to tweak something but certainly will not take a whole practice or pull the teams aside to work on that. But I get it. Club sports have taken over. It isn't flashy to say you play for KP, LTRC, Severna Park, Reistersown, Crofton or any other rec program. If it isn't a known club the peer pressure that kids deal with is real and in many instances paying the 2k is the immediate remedy. BUT if you are truly concerned with players 13-20 rec and training is a much better option than club. Not only from a cost perspective but many also play in indoor and fall and summer tournaments at a fraction of the cost. So don't down on rec like its some purgatory, for many kids it is a solid option to develop their skills and have success.