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Just for fun/debate, fall rankings:

1. Hero's- Cannot argue their record in championship games last year. Can they duplicate this fall?
2. M&D- On paper one of the most talented teams in the country. Can they win the big games?
3. NEMS- Good core group of talent. Gave some teams some trouble. Can the get over the hump?
4. Skywalkers- A decent team with some athletes. Did they players they added fill in the holes?
5. LBC- Always a tough team. Can they replace key players lost?
6. Pride- Narrowly missed the playoffs last year. Did they add depth to get them in the final 4.
7. Stars- Like Pride missed the playoffs by 2 games. Did they recruit will in the off season?
8. MD United- Did they lock down the talent in AA Co? will the added players get them out of the cellar?
9. Red Shirts- Moving back to B is not a bad option.
10. FCA- Too bad Calvert Hall is a boys school but luckily they will get to play TLC or MC Midnight
11. TLC/MC Midnight- Hopefully they added some talent to put some points on the board. Last year their combined goals between the 2 teams was less than 11 of the 14 teams in the league.

Fall Wrap up Ranking

1. Hero's- Had an inconsistent fall but they are the defending champs until someone beats them. They also do well it championship games.
2. M&D- Could be number 1 but still a bit inconsistent until the end where based on the scores they put it together.
3. Pride- Beat Both M&D and Hero's this fall. Improved team and on the rise.
4. Skywalkers- Another inconsistent team that plays tough. Not sure they have enough firepower to take down more talented teams.
5. LBC- They didn't play in many of the tournaments over the bridge but always a tough team. Given where they are located they should have no issue pulling talent.
6. Nems- A good team that has been able to keep their core together.
7. MD United- Quietly knocked off Hero's. So the potential is there.
8. CC Lax- Also beat Hero's and may have added a few players from neighboring clubs. Though his is a big jump from B to A.
9. Hoco- Cupboard isnt totally bare but they have enough athletes to keep games somewhat interesting.
10. Red Shirts- Still not enough talent there to compete at this level.
11. Coppermine- Lost a lot of girls. Too many to compete in the A.
12. FCA- Not sure where they played this fall or if they are staying in A.
13/14. TLC/MC Mid NIght- May be more competitive in the B conference.

CC Lax could be moved up a couple of spots in your Final Fall Rankings... also beat MD United and LBC... only lost to Pride by 1.... they added a couple of new girls but for the most part they are the same.