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No... only some parents are qualified to coach. That’s the problem. The whole point of club is advanced coaching and better players than rec

I don’t want to pay close to $3,000 per year for an average parent coach. Isnt club supposed be o be special ? And you’re right ..., it immediately brings nepotism and favoritism

Parents coaches are more than qualified to coach, but doesn't mean its the best option. Parents coaches just add a level of political corruptness, favoritism, and of course they think their D is the best player.

You are right, I should have said some parent coaches are qualified to coach. If the coaches D is a beast then I really don't have any issues with them getting playing time, but that's not the case. Also the point about "friends" of the D on the team is absolutely terrible, because it is like the coach has like 5 D's on the team. And if there is 2 parent coaches, Ugh!

I would pay an extra $500 - $1000 in fees to get an outside paid coach. I'm sure if you paid someone like 5-10k/season you should get someone good. I'm surprise a club has not done it yet.