Maybe that is true and no, my daughter is not on the SW team however it is incredibly disappointing that a SW parent or ANY parent would write a response which was posted above:

"The coaches yell to see who will break and who will work harder. They prepare them to play at a higher level where they’re going to be yelled at constantly! Why do you think the Skywalkers teams start beating more and more teams as they get older? Because they’re constantly being pushed to their potential! If your snowflake family can’t handle your kid being yelled at, don’t come to Skywalkers! Good luck with your kid playing in high school and beyond!"

THIS statement from ANY parent is one of the most disappointing and disturbing I have ever seen. For all of you SW parents that think it is OK for your coach to "BREAK" your daughter through yelling and belittling them you need to realize that it is 2020 and that this type of coaching is not accepted at ANY level. feel free to call other daughters "snowflakes" or whatever other belittling language you would like (You must learn it from your coach), but it is sad that you cannot realize these girls are 13 years old and face enough challenges through social media, school, sports and life that none of them should be screamed at with the intent of "BREAKING" them... Sad for you and more for your daughter... there are plenty of good coaches at this age group that do a great job teaching in a positive environment.