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It has been brought to my attention that my 13 year old daughter is getting discussed and false assumptions/rumors are being discussed on this forum. I am her father and if someone has something to say in regards to her please bring it directly to my attention and we can discuss it like adults. To have adults sitting on a forum talking about a 13 year old is complete ignorance and I would welcome the opportunity to have a discussion with those individuals. I am not going to get into the reason why my daughter left LBC last summer, but I can tell you it was not for basketball nor any other sport. I would assume if people who are sitting on this forum talking about my daughter knew the real reason why we left and the lack of support we received from LBC when the issue occurred, it wouldn’t be up for debate.

Dan R
Sorry you have to deal with reading about your daughter on this forum. My daughter was attacked on this site when she switched teams, by her former team’s parents. She saw the posts, because these girls do read these forums. I sat back and watched the comments of cowards fuel her fire. Good luck to your daughter this summer. I hope she shuts everyone up.