I have news for you. M&D is a collector of very talented lacrosse players - it has nothing to do with the coaching. Almost every team there now is being coach by some girl's parent who has lacrosse experience. Some have lots of coaching experience (although I'm not sure the experience translates) other have rec-ball coaching experience. M&D is not some club where magic coaches make the teams good. The players come to that club already good. Anyone who says other wise is not being honest [/quote]

Very true. Though it takes the "right" coach to manage that talent and put them in position to win. Girls have come on board to teams like MnD and Hero's and can't buy in. Those players often find themselves looking for new teams where they can freelance and be "the girl".[/quote]
True but I bet you could take most coaches and give then that talent and wins would be plentiful. Lacrosse is a game of who has the most talented players-college included. Presbyterian will not beat Maryland ever (not because of coaching)[/quote]
Probably against the mid-level and weaker teams. When you play teams of equal talent coaching makes a difference. Players win games, coaches lose them.[/quote]

Coaches lose them? Bet your a fun parent to have on a team, and I bet you have the coach on speedial.
Good question is if that coach was put on weaker team maybe midlevel -would they become a dominant team due to that superior coaching.