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Ok, I'm going to jump the gun on Lacrosse Magazine and give you my top 20 based on what I have seen/heard/believe. Admittedly I haven't seen all of these teams play, so a lot of it is just guesswork based on past history and overall program strength. This is just for fun, so tell me what I have missed, who I've overlooked and who I have too high:

1. Yellowjackets Spallina (still #1 until someone beats them)
2. Hero's Green (still get the edge over M&D based on 3 straight NGLL Championships)
3. M&D Black
4. Monster Purple (tough team, need to commit less penalties)
5. Skywalkers Blue
6. Pride Red
7. CT Grizzlies Navy
8. LI Top Guns Black
9. Eagle Stix
10. Nxt Black
11. Yellowjackets Lomangino
12. Steps Blue
13. MD United East (Would have been higher but lost to Hero's Green 2026 last weekend)
14. Salt City Snipers
15. LBC
16. Stars Blue
17. Primetime
18. Nems
19. BBL Elite Black
20. South Jersey Select Pink

Funny. Which 2025 has hero’s green 2026 played and lost to?
Agree with top 5. Then md United East is within 6-10.